Reasons to Provide Digestive Enzymes to Your Kids Thorough No-Fenol

No-Fenol is one of the popular enzyme products consumed by people of various age groups. The elders take this enzyme supplement along with their normal meals and snacks to digest the food components in a more efficient and faster manner. At the same time, parents make the children take the dietary supplement on a regular basis to digest the phenolic compounds present in various types of food items. As the modern people are not able to follow a proper diet plan and exercise regime, they prefer to take this enzyme supplement to digest the food components in a smooth and efficient manner without causing any adverse side-effect on their bodies.

In comparison to the adults, it is very much difficult to control the food habits of the children. Therefore, many parents make their kids take No-Fenol regularly to avoid all types of allergies and infections caused due to taking the wrong food items. As each plant contain some amount of phenolic compounds, the children can consume certain fruits, vegetables and roots containing a higher level of phenolic compounds. Sometimes the phenolic compounds cause some type of adverse impact on the child’s body that results in developing red ear or dark circles under his eyes. Therefore, parents provide their children with the digestive enzymes to properly digest all types of food components in a much quicker and efficient manner.

Primary Ingredients:

The No-Fenol is available in the market in both capsule and tablet format. But none of these formats use artificial color, favor and chemicals as ingredients. Both formats of the enzyme supplement are made using natural ingredients like Xylanase, CereCalasetm, Hemicellulase, phytase, beta-glucanase and a blend of enzymes. However, the product does not use ant artificial or chemical components as an ingredient. As the product uses only natural ingredients, it does not impact the health of the kids in an adverse manner.

Recommended Dosage:

Experts has not prescribed any limit to consume No-Fenol on a regular basis. Further, the recommended dosage differs based on the form of the product selected by you. If you have decided to consume the dietary supplement in tablet form, you can 1 to 2 chewable tablets wit your normal meal or snacks. On the other hand, you need to take ?? to 1 capsule along with the meal, if you have decides to consume the product in its tablet form. However, you can always increase the recommended dosage of the dietary supplement based on the nature and size of the meal.

Reason for Taking the Enzyme Supplement Regularly:

The regular consumption of No-Fenol will be helpful in supplying your child’s system with Xylanase. As a digestive enzyme, Xylanase is very much effective in breaking down the structural components of the various plant cells. When the child is provided with this enzyme on a regular basis, he can easily and quickly digest a wide variety of food items. The parents will not be required to monitor the food items consumed by the child throughput the day. By consuming the digestive enzymes, the kid can further avoid all types of infections caused due to eating specific fruits, vegetables and roots.