The Sale of Toys Had to be Submitted First Laser Pointer

There were health and education authorities, and consumer groups, especially parents, aware of the danger that lurks in their midst?

Parents should be more direct access to their children, their activities and the environment we live and move in which they warned that their children were exposed.

Of course he must have seen the pass laser Malam in toys, travel to five feet and in may not be guilty if he had any harmful properties of laser light – is a technical issue and being the case, then carried out the responsibility of the authorities to protect the interests of the public have and will ensure that this team has flooded the market and sold openly.

It is the government, immediately traded to the question of the weight of a Ministry of Health.”The public was largely unknown to eye injuries and other hazards, place the laser pointer,” said Deputy Director of the Ministry Lee (Radiation Protection) said that what began as an educational aid office and has a toy, thanks to technology, the laser pointer has changed to produce toys easier and cheaper.While the first class 1 and 2 coats of helium-neon (He-Ne) how to produce more expensive, more potent third-class semiconductor diode type to produce cheaper and therefore easier to market to children. Therefore, a ban designed to be an expensive affair to own hands for the third lowest fuel consumption and LED indicator specially designed shelves, along with a toy. Roped in this were the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection and the Department of Royal Customs and Excise.

It was the National Center of the University Sains Malaysia poison warned in November last year, the risks associated with the use of green laser penHe said the reports of temporary blindness and disorientation and producers were in a toy laser.Questions E ‘raised the question of whether these products should be accessible to the public and how dangerous they were.

Would probably make no difference if the authorities had paid attention to them and not later than 10 months. And, worse, children can be injured in the meantime.Furthermore, the investigation of other dangerous objects and toys in the market expands. It would be all to the authorities and see what products were sold to children and get these potentially harmful, shelves.

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