Why Is Vision The Most Important Of The Senses

Humans have 5 senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Through them, every one of us learns about the things around. If we miss just one of them we will fill incomplete and we’ll have trouble adjusting in the world.

Between them, vision seems like the most important of them all. The ability to see what’s happening is crucial for our existence. Humans inherited this ability from their ancestors who developed it millions of years ago. See more about the history of sight and everything around this on the link.

In this article, we’re talking about why it is one of the most important senses. Read on if you want to find out why people who can’t see have the hardest time of all others who lost one of the other four.

Being able to see around

By definition, sight is the ability to notice what is happening around you. Without it, you can only feel and hear, but you can’t see.

In today’s modern way of life, sight is really important because society is so complex that being blind in it can offer only a few of the commodities. Thanks to the technology people with vision impairment can live a normal life today. However, being unable to watch with your eyes is still a big drawback from living a happy life.

You can easily do without any of the rest

If you compare the 5 senses and put them on a scale next to each other, you can clearly understand that vision is ultimately the most important. Why? Because every other one is not recognizable and a person can live a normal life without anyone noticing the impairment.

Take the hearing for an example, you can do almost every job without the need to hear what’s going on around you. You can be a lot better in some jobs if you hear nothing and not allow anything to defocus you. 

Or, let’s take another example. How about not being able to smell? Is this even an impairment? Being able to stay long hours in places where the smell is not great? If you lived thousands of years ago, being unable to sense if something smells terrible could kill you. Today, in modern society, this is not an option because you can see if there’s a problem around you.

Obviously, seeing is a solution for every other impairment. Having a great vision can get you out of trouble no matter what another part of your body is not working properly.

Always take care of it

Since it’s clear that seeing is the most important of all the senses, it means we need to take good care of it. Around 75% of the population in the US had some kind of vision correction in their lifetime. That’s a number of over 200 million people at the moment who need or have some kind of visual aid.

If you have a difficulty seeing or you have other problems that include the eyes, make sure you visit an optometrist right away. There are around 41.000 optometrists in the US so it won’t be too difficult finding one. Just search for an optometrist near me and you’ll find out that there are a lot of practices and clinics dealing with this matter.

The most important thing here is that you must always take care of your eyes. No matter what the problem is, you have to see a professional about it and never do something on your own. Also, if you’re a parent, it’s important to check your children’s sight in time. If there’s some kind of problem it’s best if it is treated at early stages so it doesn’t escalate.


Imagine how it is not to be able to see this text. Some people experience this problem and live with it every day. It’s not an easy life. Don’t let this happen to you just because you didn’t want to do that checkup when it was the right time for it.

If you feeling some trouble, don’t hesitate to open the browser and look for an optometrist. It may be your last chance to save your eyes.

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